Tinder for Good!

The all new LetsAllDoGood 2.0 is rock solid.  Our new CMS is terrific – well designed, great work-flow, so easy to use.  And our new app is fantastic – beautiful, useful, social, and available on both Android and iOS.

All of the new features are amazing but we especially love Updates.  Why?

Updates are ‘Tinder for Good’!  Get the LetsAllDoGood app and favorite an organizations or two.  Launch LetsAllDoGood and you land in Updates – that’s the latest news, events, and volunteering from your causes.

Bookmark View 

In Updates you’ll quickly see what your ‘matches’ (your favorite causes) have for you. Not interested?  Swipe left and it disappears (but you can still find it under the listings for the org).

Like an item and want to keep track of it?  Swipe right and it’s in Bookmarks.

With Updates you’ll never miss the latest from the orgs that matter to you.  Find something interesting?  Tap a button and share it with your social graph.  Tap a button and add it to your calendar.

Get involved.  Do good!  Updates makes engaging with your cause incredbily simple.

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