So that’s not a picture of Ted Cutler but it is the way I’m going to remember him.

I was lucky to volunteer with the amazing team that put on Outside The Box in 2016.  It was really fun – wicked smart and talented people delivering on Teds’ vision of ‘arts for all’.  And oh what a festival!  Days of bliss – and incredible performances – on the Boston Common.

I think that picture tells Ted’s story better than this one.  greenhouse_22OutsideBox-4_lifestyle.jpg

Yup, that’s Ted.  He was wicked cool guy to be around.  He had such passion for doing good and making a difference.  He had a wicked sense of humor and a great sense of himself.

Others can tell you better about the impact he had in the Boston Philanthropy scene:

I can just tell you that I was very lucky to know him for a very short time in a very peripheral way.

I don’t think there’s any better way to go through life than by making a difference.  And it mattered that Ted was here.  In Boston.  Because he sure made a difference.

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