The three ‘yesses’.

We ask every cause we talk to three simple questions:

  1. Is email a problem (are you experiencing declining opens and click-throughs)?
  2. Is social media a problem (have you noticed very low organic share rates)?
  3. Would you like to reach your supporters on their smartphones (where they’re living their lives)?

If they answer yes to all three, they need to take a look at LetsAllDoGood.

We enable any nonprofit, cause, or community group to create, manage, and publish rich content – news, events, volunteering – to their supporters on their smartphones.  We have a beautifully designed app that enables those supporters to connect, engage, and share glorious content from the causes that matter to them.  LetsAllDoGood is remarkably simple and completely free.

In fifteen minutes, we can show any cause how to reach their supporters on their smartphones.  In another 15, they’ll be doing it themselves.

Americans look at their smartphones on average 76 times a day.  Simply put, that’s they need to see their favorite cause.

Get LetsAllDoGood Android here.

Get LetsAllDoGood iOS here.

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