Tinder for Good!

The all new LetsAllDoGood 2.0 is rock solid.  Our new CMS is terrific – well designed, great work-flow, so easy to use.  And our new app is fantastic – beautiful, useful, social, and available on both Android and iOS.

All of the new features are amazing but we especially love Updates.  Why?

Updates are ‘Tinder for Good’!  Get the LetsAllDoGood app and favorite an organizations or two.  Launch LetsAllDoGood and you land in Updates – that’s the latest news, events, and volunteering from your causes.

Bookmark View 

In Updates you’ll quickly see what your ‘matches’ (your favorite causes) have for you. Not interested?  Swipe left and it disappears (but you can still find it under the listings for the org).

Like an item and want to keep track of it?  Swipe right and it’s in Bookmarks.

With Updates you’ll never miss the latest from the orgs that matter to you.  Find something interesting?  Tap a button and share it with your social graph.  Tap a button and add it to your calendar.

Get involved.  Do good!  Updates makes engaging with your cause incredbily simple.

So that’s not a picture of Ted Cutler but it is the way I’m going to remember him.

I was lucky to volunteer with the amazing team that put on Outside The Box in 2016.  It was really fun – wicked smart and talented people delivering on Teds’ vision of ‘arts for all’.  And oh what a festival!  Days of bliss – and incredible performances – on the Boston Common.

I think that picture tells Ted’s story better than this one.  greenhouse_22OutsideBox-4_lifestyle.jpg

Yup, that’s Ted.  He was wicked cool guy to be around.  He had such passion for doing good and making a difference.  He had a wicked sense of humor and a great sense of himself.

Others can tell you better about the impact he had in the Boston Philanthropy scene:

I can just tell you that I was very lucky to know him for a very short time in a very peripheral way.

I don’t think there’s any better way to go through life than by making a difference.  And it mattered that Ted was here.  In Boston.  Because he sure made a difference.

The three ‘yesses’.

We ask every cause we talk to three simple questions:

  1. Is email a problem (are you experiencing declining opens and click-throughs)?
  2. Is social media a problem (have you noticed very low organic share rates)?
  3. Would you like to reach your supporters on their smartphones (where they’re living their lives)?

If they answer yes to all three, they need to take a look at LetsAllDoGood.

We enable any nonprofit, cause, or community group to create, manage, and publish rich content – news, events, volunteering – to their supporters on their smartphones.  We have a beautifully designed app that enables those supporters to connect, engage, and share glorious content from the causes that matter to them.  LetsAllDoGood is remarkably simple and completely free.

In fifteen minutes, we can show any cause how to reach their supporters on their smartphones.  In another 15, they’ll be doing it themselves.

Americans look at their smartphones on average 76 times a day.  Simply put, that’s they need to see their favorite cause.

Get LetsAllDoGood Android here.

Get LetsAllDoGood iOS here.

New! New! New! LetsAllDoGood 2.0

Much cool new stuff in LetsAllDoGood 2.0:

This version of the LetsAllDoGood has been completely revamped to dynamically and easily view, act upon and save content (pictures, news, videos) that’s important to you and your organization.

Always be in the know with more detailed and rich push notifications and interactive updates, including improvements to how you see pushes from your favorite organizations and new card “swipe” functionality allowing you to easily scan through your latest news, events and volunteering updates.

Share your favorite event, news or volunteering opportunities with friends and family through Facebook, text, email and more.

Google Maps integration to help provide dynamic turn-by-turn directions, greater search functionality of organizations (by areas of interest), behind the scene fixes and general housekeeping.

Want to take a look?

The story is complete – LetsAllDoGood is in the Google Play Store!

A very big deal!

LetsAllDoGood available in the Google Play Store – get it here.

And, of course, available in the Apple App Store – get it here.

What’s it all mean?  It means we now have a complete solution:

  • A powerful but easy to use Content Management System that enables any nonprofit, cause, or community group to create, manage, and publish rich content to their supporters on their smartphones.
  • Beautifully designed apps (iOS, Android) that enable supporters to connect, engage, and share glorious nonprofit content from the causes that matter to them.

And now that we have the Android version in the Play Store, we have the whole market covered:

  • Apple iOS 43%
  • Android OS 51%

That 94% of the US smartphone market (sorry Windows, Blackberry, others!).

And why is reaching their supporters on their smartphones important for every single cause?  Because email open and click-through rates continue to decline and their supporters are living their lives on smartphones.  The numbers are simply staggering:

US Smartphone Penetration by Age Group

  • 18-24     98%
  • 25-34     97%
  • 35-44     96%
  • 54-54     80%
  • 65+         68%


We’ve built this amazing thing that is so completely and obviously needed but that no one had thought to build.  Till now.

And wait till you see what’s next.  But we’ll save that for another post.

Millennials (and Gen Z) live on their smartphones


Perhaps this should be filed under ‘Duh.  I already knew that.’ but still, the numbers are interesting.

From MFour’s Millennial Insights Project:

  • 3% of Millennials said they use their phones at least several times a day. 44.9% said they spend at least five hours a day on their smartphones. 79.3% of Millennials use their phones at least two hours a day.
  • A Constant Companion: 45.3% of Millennials say they keep their smartphones with them 24-7. 93.2% say they keep their phones on their persons or nearby at least 10 hours a day.
  • Minorities are Really Into Their Phones: Majorities of African Americans (57.1%) and Hispanics (51.6%) reported spending five hours or more per day on their phones; Asians (42%) also exceeded Caucasians (38.9%) when it came to epic phone usage.
  • Whole Lotta Checkin’ Goin’ On: 88.7% of Millennials check text messages the moment they get them. They’re considerably less compulsive about social media and app notifications (41.2% and 40.5%, respectively, get checked immediately). Email continues to trend downward — just 35.3% get opened right away. 51% check their apps’ push notifications at least once an hour, compared to 48.6% for email.

Take the time to read the whole thing.


It’s the 15th anniversary of 9/11.


14th Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks In New York
JERSEY CITY, NJ – SEPTEMBER 11: The Tribute in Light shines over the New York skyline from inside the Liberty State park 9/11 memorial on September 11, 2015 in Jersey City, New Jersey . Today marks the fourteenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks when terroristists high jacked airliners and flew them in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. (Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

Fifteen years ago I was at Logan Airport boarding a United flight that was scheduled to take me from Boston to San Francisco. UAL #175 – the flight that hit the South Tower – was boarding at the next gate.

At the time I was CEO of Virtual Ink and we had a product called mimio and I was flying out to SF to show some our partners a new version we were building.

We took off from Logan, heading west, blissfully unaware.

Somewhere over Illinois (I’m assuming) the cabin crew made a routine ‘the captain has turned on the seat belt light…’ announcement. Those were the last words spoken to us by the crew.

After a bit the plane started to slow and descend and it was clear that we couldn’t be approaching SF – the time wasn’t right and as I looked out the window from 1A (I’d used miles to upgrade) that was not California below us.

The plane made a final approach – the crew still not having said anything since turning on the seat belt sign – and we landed. As we were taxiing along, we passed a row of F16s with the canopies up that were being prepped. I turned to my seatmate and said ‘We’ve landed at an Air Force base’.

That turned out to not be the case, those were Iowa Air National Guard aircraft and we had landed at Des Moines International Airport. The plane pulled up to a gate – the crew still hadn’t spoken even after we landed – and I popped up from my seat and asked the flight attendant in the jump seat at the forward door where we were.

She said, ‘I can’t say anything’.

The door opened, the ground staff came on, told us that ‘several planes had been hijacked’ and that the flight was terminated and that we needed to collect our bags.

I got off the plane and called the office and learned of the horror that was unfolding.

I was traveling with a co-worker and we grabbed a Hertz one-way rental (the last one available in Des Moines that day) and I drove back to Boston. Nonstop (other than for bio breaks and fuel).

When I got home and truly understood what had happened I immediately knew I had to do something different with my life.

In the late 1999 at Virtual Ink we had a women working with us whose daughter had a serious genetic disorder and she had held a little fundraising auction. Everyone at the company cared about her and the cause but not everyone was able to attend the event. As I was walking around bidding on things I had this idea for using the interwebs to create a service for nonprofit auctions – to ensure that anyone connected with the cause could take part even if they couldn’t be present.

In the spring of 2002 I pulled that idea out my files, dusted off the cobwebs, left Virtual Ink and founded cMarket – which today is BiddingForGood (the largest online auction platform for nonprofits). And I immediately learned that if you can help nonprofits do better, it’s a pretty amazing thing and awfully gratifying.

The last fifteen years have been spent on building solutions that help nonprofits do better.

And none of it would have happened were it not for 9/11.

As it did for many, it quite literally changed my life.

CTO Opportunity – do something great, keep women safe.

Flare LI VOne of our most favorite startups!  The team at Flare Jewelry (winner of the OTB Inno startup award!) is doing amazing stuff, stuff that’ll keep women safe and stylish.  They’re looking for a CTO.  If you know someone, let them know.  It’s a real opportunity to make an important difference in the world.

Here you go:

Women-led IOT startup looking for CTO. Flare Jewelry is making women safer by creating smart jewelry to help people protect themselves against assault. Join an enthusiastic, socially driven team based out of the Harvard ilab. They are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial drive and electrical engineering experiences (a computer science background is also a plus). Equity compensation.

Check out their website and Facebook page and feel free to reach out to info@flarejewelry.co if you are interested.

Read about them in BostInno – This HBS Startup Is Developing Tech-Enabled Jewelry to Stop Rapists

The July numbers are in and they’re kind of amazing.

DoGood_app_iconThe numbers we’re getting continue to amaze even us.  And we thought they’d be amazing.

We have 35+ active nonprofits in the platform today.  In July, the number of pushes they sent was down 31% but that was to be expected – June is a big event month for nonprofits and July (and August) are slow so there’d naturally be fewer pushes going out.

What is amazing is that the open rate is unchanged – over 50% (!) for both months – and time in app is the same; about a minute and a half.  That is huge.

These are really incredible numbers.  We would have expected opens to decline in July – just as the orgs are in slow-down mode so are their supporters.  Same with time in app.  But it didn’t happen.

We also might have expected the ‘bright shiny object’ effect to run its course – ‘I’ve played with LetsAllDoGood, it was cool, now I’m on to what’s next’.  Having the numbers hold up is a terrific sign.

And we haven’t even begun to optimize stuff – we think we can drive push opt-in when you install the app from about 60% today to 65% or 70% or more by adding some messaging during install (‘you’ll only receive push notifications from the organizations you care about’).  We think we can also drive opens higher too.

That’s the fascinating thing – these are the ‘out of the box’ numbers and as we (and our partners) learn how to better use LetsAllDoGood the implications are pretty staggering.

WGBH & LetsAllDoGood – in Current!

From Current – WGBH partners with mobile app to connect with supporters:

IMG_0463WGBH in Boston is the first public media station to partner with LetsAllDoGood, a mobile app for connecting nonprofits to their supporters and communities via smartphones.

After launching last month, the app is available to organizations in New England, and its Boston-based creators plan to expand it nationally. More than two dozen Boston-area organizations have signed up, including United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, Franklin Park Zoo and the Essex County Community Foundation.

The app’s audience is people who want to engage with nonprofits through events and volunteer opportunities, said Teri Lamitie, senior director of digital services at WGBH.

The app’s premise is that as more people are inundated with email, nonprofits are seeing open and click-through rates on their emails decline. In addition, organizations that don’t pay for promoted posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter suffer from low visibility.

LetsAllDoGood will help WGBH reach its core givers, women who live on their smartphones, said app founder Greg McHale.

Users can follow organizations that have signed up with the app. Its opening screen lists updates including events, volunteer opportunities and news. WGBH expects to share stories about its do-gooder work and hopes the app will relieve the pressure on selling event tickets via email.

“It’s a chance to grab a little more mindshare,” said Mike Strassman, WGBH digital campaign manager.

Since moving out of beta last month, WGBH has accrued 167 active followers, The app has been downloaded more than 500 times. Sixty percent of users have opted for push notifications.

That rate “means the supporters are getting and engaging with the content,” said McHale, who also founded the predecessor to Bidding For Good, a charitable e-commerce organization with an online auction platform for fundraising events that previously worked with WGBH.

Promoting LetsAllDoGood falls on partners like WGBH, which will promote the app at events and through email and social media. Lamitie doesn’t expect to promote it on air, although it could be mentioned in spots promoting volunteer activities.