LetsAllDoGood Sponsorship is here!


See how we’re changing everything for cause organizations and their business partners.

Our Sponsorship feature is now live!

A quick (4 min. 2 sec.) video showing you how the new LetsAllDoGood Sponsorship feature works – take a look!

We know, it’s kind of crude – we’re just showing this one to friends and family to get the word out quickly.

Watch the video and you’ll see how Sponsorship appears in the LetsAllDoGood app and how you can create and manage sponsors in the CMS.

Use it to reward and recognize existing sponsors OR monetize new ones. Create sponsorship programs around this feature – selling sponsorship based on category (News, Events, Volunteering) or time periods (or both).

Sponsorship is why we’re now saying ‘Worst case, LetsAllDoGood is free. Best case, you’ll make money with it!’

Going to the National PTA Conference in New Orleans? See us and get $10 to help a classroom!


We’ll be in New Orleans this week at the National PTA 2018 Conference & Expo.

If you’re going to be there, come see us. Why? Well, two reasons. First, what we do is amazing, we can help any organization – any PTA! – communicate better with their supporters. Second, spend 5 minutes seeing how amazing that is and we’ll give you a $10 Donor’s Choose gift card to help a classroom in your school!

That’s the definition of win/win! See you in New Orleans!

We’re speaking! Will you be listening?


We’ll be speaking at the AFP Massachusetts Annual Conference on Philanthropy NOV 29th in Boston – get details on the event here.

Here’s what our session is about:

The Use of Technology to Engage Donors and Prospects of Every Generation

Greatest Generation.  Boomers.  Gex X.  Gen Y (aka Millennials).  Gen Z.

Each cohort is different.  But the same.

Email.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Snapchat.  Crowdfunding.

Each technology is different.  But the same.

We’ll discuss the generations and how to reach them.  What they care about.  What they don’t.  What technology they use and don’t.  We’ll explore the intersections and how to get the maximum results with the minimum investment of time and effort.  Most importantly, we’ll talk about the trends – where response rates and organic share are heading.

If you’re going, make sure you come to see us – it’ll be fun (and if we do it right), informative!

“I love it. I brag about it all the time!”

We’ve started gathering feedback from our partners.

Here are some choice quotes from Parkside PTO:

  • “LADG is the most professional looking form of communication that we have. Emails and Facebook posts don’t really pop out. I was looking for something that would be the face of Parkside Elementary School and this just fit. It just looks so nice.”
  • “I want this to become the go-to for parents.”
  • “I think the calendar part of it is a big seller. You can just save it to the calendar.”
  • “And I love that it has directions.”
  • “One night we were hosting a restaurant night…so I went to the restaurant site and linked to their menu. It worked out great because families who may not have normally visited the restaurant could look at it and decide yeah, I can afford this, this looks like my family would like it. It’s interesting that there are benefits to this that we had never even thought of before for these parents.” (GCM note – huge opportunity with restaurants once we add business profiles – they’re always doing fundraisers for nonprofits)
  • “We also have an initiative at our school, we have a green school certification, and this really helps us with the paperless initiative. We’ve eliminated a lot of our paper sign ups.”
  • “I love it. I brag about it all the time!”

A ‘top three’ near-term vertical for us is education – PTOs/PTAs/Schools, etc. – there are over 80,000 PTO’s and PTA’s in the US! We can connect everyone of them to their supporters on their smartphones.

How popular are we? We’ll be at TiE StartupCON in Boston!

Very excited – we’ve been invited to take part in StartupExpo at TiE StatupCON.  Another great opportunity to show off the wonderfulness of LetsAllDoGood.

StartupExpo is FRI OCT 6th at the Hynes Convention Center (900 Boylston Street, Boston).

Reminder, we’re also:

Come see us!

No tchotchke’s for you! See what we’re doing at tech.co Startup of the Year (it’s both cool and good!).

The folks at tech.co Startup of the Year asked everyone to do a 30 second video talking about themselves and how they’ll change the world.  The videos will play around the venue in advance of the Startup Of The Year Party to encourage attendees to see the different companies.

Everyone will have a display area so they can demo for the attendees.  Tech.co suggested that we have “tchotchke’s” to give to the attendees who stop by.  If you don’t know what a tchotchke is, they’re the little ‘giveaways’ that you get at trade shows.

Yeah, we’re not doing that.

What we’re doing is…good!

But rather than tell you, please watch the video.

And before you say anything, yes, we know, I’m talking very fast – we needed to cover a lot of ground in just 30 seconds.

So, tell us the truth; would you rather have a fidget spinner or our #dogood ‘giveaway’?

“what you say is so true”

Smartphone Pic

We’ve doing some simple testing to see which messages work best.  Our key message is that the way nonprofits have been communicating with supporters is failing.

A comment just came in a nonprofit in Chicago that reinforces that:


i heard about you and what you say is so true.

I used to get to everyone with social media and news letter emails but now I don’t.

I am located in Chicago and would like to be an organization.

I already have the app. Thank you.



Email opens and click-thru’s are falling.  Social media share rates are falling.  Nearly every supporter lives on their smartphone.  That’s where nonprofits need to reach them.

And that’s where we come in.

We enable any nonprofit, cause, educational organization, or community group to create, manage, and publish, and push rich content – news, events, volunteering – to their supporters on their smartphones.

LetsAllDoGood is remarkably simple and completely free.

The 16th Anniversary

Sixteen years ago today – at exactly this time – I was sitting in seat 1A on a United flight flying from Boston to San Francisco.  We boarded at the gate next to UAL 175 – the plane that was headed to LA but hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

The FAA ordered all flights to land and we landed in Des Moines, IA.  I rented a car and drove straight through to Boston – it took about 19 hours.  Got a speeding ticket in OH along the way (doing 90 but the officer wrote it up for 70).

Those of you who have known me for a while know that it was as a direct result of 9/11 that I become involved in the cause space – I was the CEO of a tech company on 9/11 but as a result knew I had to do something different.  Something good.

In the spring of 2002 I founded cMarket (which today is BiddingForGood) and began the journey that’s led me here, to LetsAllDoGood.

The path to here has been amazing.  The event that caused it was so terrible.

powerful_911_commemoration_images_640_01Earlier this year went to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.  It was awful and painful and so very worthwhile.  I encourage you to go when you’re in New York.

We’ve been picked for HUBweek Demo Day – come see us!

HUBweek ImageVery cool for LetsAllDoGood – we’ve been selected to participate in HUBweek’s 2017 Demo Day startup showcase.

HUBweek is multi-day event is put on by The Boston Globe.  Here’s what it’s about:

To explore the future being built in Boston at the intersections of art, science, and technology. This year’s HUBweek will kick off with events taking place all across the city, and land on Boston’s City Hall Plaza as we transform it into a first-of-its-kind centralized festival site, “The HUB.” Filled with 60+ shipping containers, dozens of art installations, and 4 geodesic domes, The HUB is where thousands of artists, innovators, and creators will come together from across Boston, and the globe.

Demo Day takes place inside City Hall on SAT OCT 14th from 11AM to 4PM.

If you’re in Boston that day, we’d love to see you.

Another opportunity for us to spread the word and further validation that we’ve built something pretty cool (and useful).